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Optimum Cars
Quality second hand vehicles supported with a fantastic new brand

After a cash investment into the business, Optimum Cars decided that they wanted to get a higher class of vehicle on the garage forecourt. Fantastic… better cars, better service, happier clients…. perfect business model surely. Except they realised that all of a sudden having new cars on the forecourt didn’t change peoples perception of what they originally were. People in the local area would still think of them as a selling cheap run around cars, they needed to change peoples thoughts on Optimum Cars.

Our initial chat had both parties thinking along the same lines, a new brand was needed. We created a brand new logo, concentrating on an icon that is flexible to use on any promotional item that they may need from key rings to banners. The icon on the logo can be used on its own and still keeps the maximum impact needed to identify the business.

The logo has brought a fresh kerb side appeal to the business, the whole brand instills a confidence from the buyer that this is a company that can be trusted, and that the cars on the parking lot are of great quality. A target that was set on the initial brief and we are pleased to say has been met by Hypa Concept.

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