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So, we love Instagram here in the Hypa studio… we push a lot of clients to use it as it is great at getting yourself out there and noticed. Its fast paced and instant and one of the fantastic profiles that we follow on there is @36daysoftype

36daysoftype is an online type community where designers, illustrators or visual artists can share their creative talents by designing letters and numbers from the alphabet. As you can imagine sometimes depending on the artist these letters can range from the strangest creations to actual letters that would be very interesting to see a full alphabet which could be used in day to day design. We loved the idea of creating a full alphabet to show off, each letter being something totally different in style, but at the same time being true to the style of Hypa Concept.

Our style is very clean, our typeface mirrors this, its been a fantastic project to work on as a little bit of fun away from the pressure of our day to day projects. We actually learn from these experiences and as we love to brand we can also use some of letters created on some upcoming projects possibly. This is something we will definitely pick up again in the future and create another alphabet for 36daysoftype. We havent yet created any numbers so this my come next…. do you follow Hypa on Instagram, take a look, we would love to hear what your thoughts are on what we have created.

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