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Every business owner plans for the future, what they want to do moving forward, who they want to work for… Essentially these are all plans to earn more money. Could a new logo design or brand help do this?

Customers get their first impression of your business through your logo and your website. Instantly they will make a decision and decide if you are both professional and if you can be trusted. If they decide you’re not, they will go elsewhere, simple as that.

Brand perception plays an important role in any business large or small, a cheap looking logo will ruin the message of a high quality business that you are trying to send out to your target audience. A logo is usually the first impression that your audience will have of your business. If it is well designed, then your logo can help build trust which in turn can help increase sales. But this only happens if your customer base see you as being professional and able to fulfil their needs.

A new logo design, professionally designed will impact greatly on customer engagement. Most importantly, as a result, convert potential clients into actual clients.

So here is the honest part of the article, this requires you to be truthful with yourself. How does your logo look? Does your branding let you down? Is your competitions brand better than yours?

Big questions to ask yourself… if you are not honest then its a waste of time. You wont get better by not being honest with yourself. In business and life… deep thoughts but truthful. If your competition is faring better, then what do they do better?

Are they looking more professional, enticing potential clients with a classic quality brand maybe? If you pass a quote out to a client. Not only should your logo be prominent, the typeface used on all your print should be the same. Images should all use the same filter. People need to buy into your business, if they do, you have a client for life.

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