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Trusted brochure designers, meet our trusted partners. We work with people we can trust – Credo Business Network.

Credo is a networking group made up of people in business who know each other well, working together and recommending each others services and companies regularly. Hypa Concept are involved as an active member of the group. But also, involved in creating the whole brand and logo for the network. A solid identity which was then developed into a useful marketing tool for all members to leave with their clients.

So we find this group another great way of marketing our business, reaching clients that we may not have any connections with at the present time. The logo design is based on the extended number of people looking out for your business. For instance, the C in the icon is growing with the help of the fellow members.

The idea of the brochure came around as people, even in todays digital age still love to receive print. Actual printed material placed in their hand. When a Credo member goes in to see a client. He or she can leave a brochure behind which details the skills of the other trusted members in the group. Simple, no fuss, have a look at what some other businesses could do for you. Not only do they view all the members profiles within the brochure. They also notice the slick design and quality print of the brochure. A winning situation for ourselves as we also printed the brochure.

This helped in the design, as people wouldn’t know the person who was being recommended. The easiest way of identifying someone would be a name card, or some sort of identification. With this idea we developed a lanyard type identification pass. We used this throughout the brochure next to each members details. With the design applied to the 20 page full colour brochure.

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