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Monaghan Design and Build
New identity and brand for a local building company with big ideas

Since launching in 2008, MDB has evolved and grown to be one of Burys’ leading building companies. Originally a client of Hypa Concept since their birth. We have seen MDB grow from a small family business of father and son, to employing numerous staff and developing their range of skills. Hence, the need for a new logo design.

We have recently rebranded Monaghan Design and Build into MDB. Providing Ryan with clear brand guidelines to match the new logo design. This project really is one of our most current as we are in plans now to develop the brand with further services. Such as the all important website design and build. This is going to be used in conjunction with an all important social media campaign. Coupled with design assets that the company can use online. The stationery design is already underway with both digital and printed files commissioned. Next stage for MDB is to have their vehicles branded. Allowing them to advertise their talents and skills as they travel for work throughout the Manchester area.

Clean and intriguing, the new logo design elevates the business from its small business roots into a major company to consider when choosing a business to construct any developments you may have on your property.

Future plans for the MDB brand include a fully responsive website. This site will have the ability to display all the projects completed, with both images and video content to illustrate. Features already talked about would include a filter on the projects section. Allowing the user to view just what they want to look at. For example, if they are looking for house extensions. They can filter the site just to see house extensions. If they are looking for driveways, they can filter to see the driveway projects.

All designed to give the viewer greater control of what they want to view on this upcoming website.

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