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Marketing your business today has never been so multi-dimensional, gone are the days of an advert taken out in the Yellow Pages…

With bucket loads of ideas and techniques to promote your company, Hypa Concept can help you promote your business with media such as various traditional printed marketing methods, web design, large format printing, social media management and e-marketing.


In a digital age, there is still plenty of room for print, humans are tactile by nature, we love to touch and inspect something given to us, we make sure your print fits in with everything you do online, and vice versa. You can’t hand a website out at a show, or put a Google…

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Website design

Your website is your shop window, sometimes it is the first thing that a potential client learns about you, and first impressions count. We design websites that are unique, eye-catching and easy to navigate. Because people make split-second decisions about whether to stay on a website or look elsewhere, your website needs to be easy-to-use…

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Social media

Social Media is consistently growing each year and users are spending their time across different social media platforms. With this growth, we are seeing a wider range of people across all age ranges now use social media, it isn’t just teenagers, or twenty somethings…. it really is everyone from across all age groups. This gives…

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Logo design and branding

We understand the value of creating a brand,  we are a brand agency with a passion for crafting stunning powerful brands. If you’re starting from scratch or looking to refresh your current brand, we are here to help. A logo could be described as the face of your company,  more often than not, it is…

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Graphic design

Grab the viewers attention, do not let it go…. Advertising needs to grab you, it must engage and battle for your attention with anyone else out there who has the same business. Sometimes it has just a moment to grab its viewer, a fleeting glance that will visually seduce them, make them look a little longer,…

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Our tried and trusted method of working…

Every project we work on is unique, but we always stick to the same formula of working…. why do we do that? because it is tried and trusted, plus it works incredibly well. Our four step process is put in place to make sure that you, the client, gets exactly what you need and want from your project.

01 / Discover

The first step is for us to listen and let you do the talking, we love to hear your vision, your plans for the future and where you want to be.

This way we can take your thoughts, discuss in depth and as this is all happening our creative minds are already developing ideas that could turn into reality for you.

02 / Design

So now we brainstorm, plan and conceptualise your project, bringing to life your thoughts and ideas. From simple sketches and scribbles, into larger sketches and gradually these pieces are turned into polished pieces of artwork.

These ideas are then presented to you, the moment of truth to find out what feedback you have for us.

03 / Develop

The proofing stage gives you the perfect opportunity to review our work and suggest any final tweaks you may wish to put to the test before finalising anything.

The feedback you give to us is essential in developing those initial ideas and growing them into the final successful product that your clients will eventually see.

04 / Deploy

Now for the exciting part, the project is complete and we have delivered it to you on time and on budget, all this happens as these steps are in place to assure that.

From a corporate branding project, a large ecommerce website or a printed brochure, we use the same formula on any project to generate results for you.

Love what you have see and think we might be a good fit together? Let’s start a conversation...

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