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Deepest, darkest thoughts from the Studio.

Three Sports Management are a new emerging team based in Manchester who look after the development of young footballers and many footall clubs around the country. Althouth this is a new company they are by no means newcomers to the role of sports agents with all five memebers of the team having years of experience.

The logo takes the numeral 3 to the heart of the design, there are 3 elements that make the number up plus as the colours blend over one other they create a 4th and 5th colour, there also happens to be 5 people in the team that makes up Three Sports Management...

Our first meeting was straight to the point, they had a possible design that they thought might work on a logo, being quite polite we did nod our heads in all the right places but when asked our opinions we talked them in to letting the professionals creating them something bespoke and allowing them to see the difference in our creative minds and what they had in mind.

Luckily, our ideas won... we look forward to working closely in the future with Three Sports Management, and possibly enjoying some corporate box hospitality! (Hint).

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