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The Carpet Mill in Bury came to us with their thoughts on having a new website built, they had an existing site, as many people have, but as time passed the original site was out of date, didnt work well on a smart phone or tablet due to flash animations and it wasnt responsive either.

The Carpet Mill is based in Bury, Lancashire and has been supplying and fitting high quality flooring to both private and commercial clients for the past ten years.

After a chat regarding what ideas they had we were left with our notes, scribbles and thoughts to add to the Carpet Mills own ideas. We viewed the existing site, researched a little more and went back to the Carpet Mill with our findings, we couldnt stress enough the importance of haing a mobile friendly responsve website, over 70% of websites are now viewed on the move, thats a massive amount of your potential audience, nobody wants to pinch and squeeze a website these days, they just leave the page and go to your competitors.

We also found out that people dont actually buy carpet online, dont get us wrong they look, and they research, but they dont really buy online without viewing at the shop. So an ecommerce site wasnt needed on this project, it was all about finding information out, and finding it easy, we made the navigation simple, there was no flash elements used so it works accross all formats. The new website looks great and its so easy to use, with some great imagery on there it stands head and shoulders above all other carpet shops in the local area.

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