We are Hypa Concept

A beautifully formed agency based in Bury.

This Is Our Story

An over night success story in the making for the past six years...

Hypa Concept is the Bury based creative agency with a passion for design, our meticulous attention to detail borders on obsession which shows in the quality of the work we produce. Our graphic design studio creates great results for all our clients needs for websites, branding and print. Our solutions are eye-catching and above all else, effective. This can be the difference between your prospective client choosing you rather than your competitor.

Some agencies might be quick to tell clients all about themselves, or what to do with their business, but here at Hypa Concept towers we take the time to listen and understand your needs. We then take the information that you want to communicate, and give you a product that captures the imagination and engages with your audience, whoever and wherever they be. By learning about you, we can help you build your brand.

This is the starting point of all that we do, it is the key to communicating your message and your values. We work very closely with all our clients, however big or small to develop strong, instantly identifiable and adaptable brands, which can be rolled out across every aspect of your business.

Take a look at what we do and who we do it for and then get in touch to find out how Hypa Concept can help you and your business move on to the next level.

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Web Design95%



The first step is for us to listen and let you do the talking, we love to hear your vision, your plans for the future and where you want to be.

This way we can take your thoughts, discuss in depth and as this is all happening our creative minds are already developing ideas that could turn into reality for you.




So now we brainstorm, plan and conceptualise your project, bringing to life your thoughts and ideas. From simple sketches and scribbles, into larger sketches and gradually these pieces are turned into polished pieces of artwork.

These ideas are then presented to you, the moment of truth to find out what feedback you have for us.




The proofing stage gives you the perfect opportunity to review our work and suggest any final tweaks you may wish to put to the test before finalising anything.

The feedback you give to us is essential in developing those initial ideas and growing them into the final successful product that your clients will eventually see.




Now for the exciting part, the project is complete and we have delivered it to you on time and on budget, all this happens as these steps are in place to assure that.

From a corporate branding project, a large ecommerce website or a printed brochure, we use the same formula on any project to generate results for you.

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